About Restaurant.com.au

Restaurant.com.au is the first, national booking site of its type, offering members 30% off when dining at many of Australia's leading restaurants. Brought to you by the team who produce the Entertainment Book and Frequent Values™, Restaurant.com.au offers savvy and flexible consumers the opportunity to take advantage of off-peak times to get significantly more value out of top-end dining. For a small investment of $8 per booking, smart diners will receive 30% off of their total spend, including drinks. The mathematics is simple: an $8 investment will reduce a $300 bill by $90!


    With photos, videos, menus, maps and more, search the site for premium restaurants across Australia.

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    Once you've chosen your destination and date, the $8 booking fee will secure your 30% deduction and an email will be sent to you, guaranteeing your booking.


    Upon requesting your bill, the 30% deduction will be applied to your account seamlessly, with no upper limit on the amount that will be deducted. It is all automatic, making restaurant.com.au the smart way to dine!